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Deployment profiles store your preferences for designing a JavaBean program, such as the content of the archive and related files. You can have several deployment profiles for the same Oracle JDeveloper project, each with different settings. To deploy your compiled JavaBean:

    1. Select Project > Deploy > New Profile from the menu.
    2. Provide the file extensions you want to implicitly included in the archive. You can remove all the extensions selected in the right side and make your own selection by using the appropriate arrows, then click Next.
    3. Select the remaining project files to include in the generated archive, then click Next.
    4. List the classes or packages to exclude from the archive. You also list any additional files to include in the archive.
    5. Specify the archive path and delivery options, then select Next.
    6. Browse for the profile name or type the path in the text box. Remember, you can have several profiles within the same project.
    7. If you have provided all the necessary information, select Finish to deploy the profile now or later.
    8. To deploy the profile, right click on the profile name in the Navigation pane and select Deploy.