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Properties are the data elements of a JavaBean.They are normally declared with private access. The properties are the parameters that the client of the JavaBean may tune and customize its behavior.

Serializing an object is the process of turning its state into a sequence of bytes. The sequence of bytes can be saved as a file on a disk or sent over a network. When a request is made to restore an object from a serialized file, the sequence of bytes is deserialized into its original structure. For JavaBeans, serialization provides a way to save the state of a bean between one session and another. This is also called component persistence. For example, suppose the user of a bean changes the values of several properties. If the bean is serialized to a file and then deserializing the next time the component is used, the bean is restored exactly as the user left it. To support serialization for your JavaBean:

  1. From the Viewer pane, click the Bean tab.
  2. Within the Bean tab, click the General tab.
  3. Select the Support serialization check box.